January 26, 2022

Avoid The Counterforces To Mastery

What weakens that force within us, what makes you not feel it or even doubt its existence, is the degree to which you have succumbed to another force in life’s social pressures to conform.

These counterforces can be very powerful. You want to fit into a group. Unconsciously, you might feel that what makes you different is embarrassing or painful. Your parents often act as a counterforce as well.

They may seek to direct you to a career path that is lucrative and comfortable. If these counterforces become strong enough, you can lose complete contact with your uniqueness, with who you really are.

Your inclinations and desires become modeled on those of others. This can set you off on a very dangerous pach. You end up choosing a career that does not really suit you.

Your desire and interest slowly wane and your work suffers for it. You come to see pleasure and fulfill- ment as something that comes from outside your work.

Because you are increasingly less engaged in your career, you fail to pay attention t0 changes going on in the field – you fall behind the times and pay a price for this.

At moments when you must make important decisions, you flounder or follow what others are doing because you have no sense of inner direction or radar to guide you.

You have broken contact with your destiny as formed at birth. At all cost you must avoid such a fate.

Daily Law: The process of following your Life’s Task all the way to mastery can essentially begin at any point in life. The hidden force within you is always there and ready to be engaged, but only if you can silence the noise from others.

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