January 27, 2022

The Secret

The hunger for the magical shortcuts and simple formulas for success has been a constant throughout history. But in the end all of this searching is centered on something that doesn’t exist.

And while you lose yourself in these endless fantasies, you ignore the one real power that you actually possess.

And unlike magic or simplistic formulas, we can see the material effects of this power in history – the great discoveries and inventions, the magnificent buildings and works of art, the technological prowess we possess, all works of the masterful mind.

This power brings to those who possess it the kind of connection to reality and the ability to alter the world that the mystics and magicians of the past could only dream of.

Over the centuries, people have placed a wall around mastery. They have called it genius and have thought of it as inaccessible.

They have seen it as the product of privilege, inborn talent, or just the right alignment of the stars.

They have made it seem as if it were as elusive as magic. But that wall is imaginary.

This is the real secret: the brain that we possess is the work of six million years of development, and more than anything else, this evolution of the brain was designed to lead us to mastery, the latent power within us all.

Daily Law: Work to create the kind of mind you desire. Unleashing the masterful mind within, you will be at the vanguard of those who are exploring the extended limits of human willpower.


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